4 of the Best Surf Spots in the World and Why They’re Hot

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Whether you’re a newbie practising on those 1-2 feet high white-water waves or an experienced big wave surfer the reasons for getting on your board and hitting the ocean are the same freedom, adventure, fitness and who can deny that adrenalin rush.

Surfing is by far the most popular board sport ever invented and with 20 million plus surfers around the world, you are never alone on the water. To keep up with the popularity of the sport, surfing equipment from boards to traction pads has been evolving to provide the avid surfer with the best experience.

Nicaragua, Popoyo

With offshore winds present for more than two-thirds of the year, Popoyo is rated one of the best surf destinations in Nicaragua. The dry season which lasts from November to April is the best time to get on the water. The beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks in Popoyo are great for beginners and experts. The main break in Popoyo is a consistent A-frame with rippable left and right walls that breaks over a rock shelf. Popoyo is an affordable surf destination with consistent surf year-round but can be difficult to get to with limited transportation available.

Costa Rica, Nosara

Offers consistent surf with beach breaks and reef breaks for the beginner and advanced surfer. The dry season from November through April is the best time to visit Nosara. Playa Guiones is a long stretch of beach with beach breaks along the coastline. Playa Garza on the other hand is a reef break and has inside and outside reefs that break in both directions. Try Nosara for its consistent surf and friendly locals. The cons are that it can get crowded during the season and transportation is limited.

Puerto Rico, Rincon

A popular surf destination since the late 60s when the surfing championships were held, it is considered one of the best surf spots in the Caribbean. Rincon has several surf spots for different skill levels. For example, the famous big wave spot Tres Palmas is a right-hand reef break. While Indicators is suited for the experienced surfer with its big, dangerous hollow rights, Maria offers long rights suited for beginners. Rincon is sunny all year round with friendly locals and great culture. Watch out for rip currents and exposed rocks and crowds during peak season.

Oahu, NorthShore

Hawaii has always had a great surf culture and is visited for its exhilarating surf by both beginners and experts. Referred to as the seven-mile miracle, Oahu’s North Shore offers some of the best surf in the world. They say you won’t find any place on earth like it. You can catch some big waves during the season from October to April and can find multiple breaks and waves right along the coast. North Shore is a popular spot for competitions if you care for some spectator time on your surf holiday. Cons are that it is expensive and can get rather dangerous.

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