Choosing the Right Roof Rack for Your Roof Top Tent

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If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there are many accessories that you can look into so that your camping experience can be comfortable. One such item is the roof top tent and you can set this up anywhere your vehicle can go so that an elevated sleeping area can be created.

Roof racks are the structural systems

That you can mount on the roof so that you can carry various loads. Strong roof racks have crossbars, feet and towers to secure the rack to the roof safely and these will distribute the weight of the load across the roof. This way, stability and safety are ensured when you drive. When choosing a roof rack for your roof top tend, you need to consider vehicle compatibility. Different vehicles will have different roof designs and not every roof rack will fit every vehicle. You need to check the manufacturer’s specifications to see if the rack is compatible. The type of vehicle roof is another consideration. Check the load capacity of the roof rack. Roof top tends are quite heavy so you need to have a rack that can bear this weight. The weight of the tent along with occupants and any other additional gear you store inside the tent should be considered as well. The roof rack should be able to handle this combined weight. Make sure to check the dynamic and static load ratings of the rack.

You can find roof racks made from different materials like steel and aluminium

For long term use, aluminium racks will be a great option as they are lightweight and resistant to rust. You can use them in harsh weather conditions. Steel racks are stronger than the aluminium but they are heavier. You will also need to carry out more maintenance so that rust can be prevented. You have to think about the environment you will be using the tent and your specific requirements when choosing the roof rack material. The mounting system is important for stability and installation. Some roof racks can be installed using a clamp system while you can also find rail or track systems. You have to make sure that the mounting system is secure. Check how easy it is to install and remove it.

By choosing a roof rack with good aerodynamics

You can reduce noise and wind resistance when you are driving. You can look into designs that achieve this so that it will also improve fuel efficiency and reduce noise which is important for when you are driving long distances. Some additional features you can look into when selecting a roof rack are locking mechanisms to improve security, accessory mounts to attach other gear and crossbars to increase versatility. You will also come across different roof rack types. Crossbar systems can be highly versatile and you can use these with a variety of accessories. You can easily install and remove them. Platform racks will give a flat and stable surface to mount the rooftop tent but they can be quite expensive as well as a little heavy. You can easily adjust crossbars with rail systems but it is a complicated installation. As a permanent solution, you can look into fixed mounts.

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