How To Select An Engagement Venue?

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Congratulations, you are engaged! When is the wedding? Have you decided where you want to have your engagement party?

If you are planning on selecting your engagement venue and you are looking for gorgeous place, then you need to know a few things that will help you get through it all. You need to decide if you want to find a local location or if you want to do a destination wedding.

However, if you are planning on finding a best function venue Geelong based here are a few tips that will help you along the way:

  • A suitable location

The venue you decide upon should suit the purpose of your event. You cannot book a venue that is too small when you have invited so many guests. You can even ask the event planner and the photographer to come and have a look at the location so that they know what they are working with.

  • Consider the timing

Sometimes it is not about the location, it is also about the timing of the event. If you want to capture the beauty of the location as well as the entire event in full glamour, then you need to consider the right timing to get the best quality of light. This is where the photographer will be giving you input about the location.

  • The date

You can associate the date with the time of year that you prefer. If you are looking forward to a fall or a spring ceremony you need to check if the location is open for events during these times.

  • Meaningful

Look for a location that is meaningful or that reminds you as a couple of something related to your relationship. This is important for you as this will help you make a wonderful memory of the engagement day before you move on to the wedding day.

  • The outfits do matter

Your outfits should be in sync with the location as well so that when the event is captured, it compliments each other. Imagine if you have a lovely attire planned out but the location looks like a farm? Not very nice is it?

  • The theme

Apart from the outfits, the theme of the wedding should be complimenting the wedding as well. If the theme is based on colours, then ensure that the colours of the theme do not clash that with the colour of the location.

Now that you know these few tips of how to get starting in selecting your engagement party venue, you can start working on it right away with your partner and family. Congratulations on the engagement once again!

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