Understanding the Different Choices Available When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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It can be a little morbid to discuss and plan your own funeral but this is something you can do to ease the burden on your loved ones. They will be grieving over your loss and it can be extremely difficult to make arrangements regarding the funeral during this challenging time. But you can make this easier on them by selecting what you prefer so that there is peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

You can consider whether you need a burial or cremation

This is an important decision to take regarding your funeral. Burial is where your body will rest in a cemetery or burial plot. And the body will be reduced to ashes in cremation. There are certain considerations for both options and some of the factors involved are environmental impact, cultural and religious beliefs along with personal preferences. You have to consider the funeral costs Perth when it comes to these options as well. The type of services you prefer is another decision you need to take. There are many formats for funeral services such as traditional religious ceremonies and contemporary celebrations of the deceased individual’s life.

With traditional funeral services

Some of the items included are visitation, formal ceremony and cremation or burial. Some alternative options you can explore are a graveside service, memorial service or an intimate gathering with close family and friends. Think about how you want your life to be celebrated and which service seems more suitable for your values and beliefs. The location and the venue of the funeral will determine the atmosphere of the service. You can select an outdoor setting where you can be remembered under the blue skies, a unique venue that has personal meaning to you or a religious institution or traditional funeral home. With pre-planning, you can determine which location is perfect for you. In addition to ambience, you have to think about some practical aspects as well such as capacity of the venue and accessibility. Think about the needs of your loved ones as well when selecting this. It will be easier for them to reach a destination that is closer to their location. This will make it accessible for all the attendees.

You will also be able to tailor the funeral service so that it reflects your individuality

You can select prayers, readings, music etc. There can also be memorabilia and meaningful rituals incorporated into the service so that it can be personalised. Some of the ways to customise can include your achievements, passions, hobbies etc. There are different funeral products to consider as well such as urns, burial vaults, caskets and memorial markets. There are different styles, materials and prices for these so you can choose what suits your budget, aesthetic preferences and environmental values. You can select an eco-friendly urn, a traditional casket, personalised memorial plaque etc. Think about how the financial burden on your loved ones can be eased. You can even pre-pay for the funeral experience with an insurance policy, trust-funds or pre-need funeral plan so that there will be funds available to cover all expenses.

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