What to do in Harrietville?

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Harrietville is located at the base of Mount Feathertop and it was previously known for its gold mining activities. The town comes alive in autumn with the golden hues of the surrounding vegetation. There are many activities that a visitor to the town can take part in to truly experience the beauty of Harrietville. The Ovens River crosses through the town and there are many parks that are created around the river.

If you are planning to visit this town, you can search for cheap accommodation Harrietville to get an idea of where to stay. There are many picturesque cottages where you can stay the night with family and you will be able to enjoy your stay there by visiting the various parks and attractions in the town. If you are somewhat of a history buff, you can visit the museum in Pioneer Park to understand the history of the region and how it came to be.

The Harrietville historical museum is quite close to the Harrietville bakery. There are many unique exhibits that you can view there such as gold mining relics from the past and skiing exhibits. You can check with the museum about opening times and days. They are generally open on weekends and public holidays in the summer. When visiting outside of this time, you can call the museum to make a booking.

There is a commercial center that you can visit to get the essentials for your stay and you can also try many restaurants to get an idea of the local flavors. A must visit place is the Harrietville bakery where there are many homemade baked goods and treats. You will smell the aroma of freshly baked bread when you are walking close to the bakery just inviting you inside. If this is on your list of places to see, you can check with the bakery whether they are open in the season that you are visiting.

Mount Hotham is a popular attraction in Harrietville and it is actually part of the Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range. If you want to see the mountain, you will have to drive on the Great Alpine Road. The name for the mountain comes from Charles Hotham who was a Governor of Victoria.

The summit of this mountain is at an altitude of 1862m. You will be able to visit the ski resort that is called the Hotham Alpine Resort in the slopes of this mountain. When you visit close to the season, you can have a great time skiing with friends and family. You can contact the ski resort to see whether they provide some beginner instruction to those who have never skied before so they can try it out for the first time safely. 

Harrietville is a lovely place for hikers and you will be able to find two world class walking tracks in this region. These are called the Bungalow Spur and the Bon Accord track. The former walking track is about an 11km path that will go up Mount Feathertop. It can be a challenging hike but you will be rewarded once you get to the top. Each hike will take about 4 hours so you will need to be prepared if you are walking with kids.

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