Why Should You Live In Croyden?

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The state of Victoria known as the garden city is home to pleasant temperatures, gorgeous beaches, hills and valleys, and lush parks and beautiful lakes. It truly is the most beautiful state in Australia. Melbourne being its capital is considered as one of the world’s most livable cities, consistently being ranked 1 for 7 years before placing second in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2018 ranking of the World’s most livable cities. It is truly a wonderful city to live in, the crime rate is low, the healthcare system is top notch, the infrastructure is well developed and corruption is really low. Simply put it is a paradise on earth.

However the city also comes with a pretty heavy price tag, while the housing market is losing value, it still remains expensive. Especially around the city centre area where prices remain pretty high. So if you want to live in the world’s most liveable city but want to do so without your breaking your bank balance then Croyden is the place for you. This is a suburb of Melbourne located in the city of Maroondah but it has everything you may need.

Every Amenity Or Service Is Available Within The City

Yes, you do not have to make your way to the city centre to purchase things, they are all located close to you. Even though it is a suburb, everything from healthcare to shopping complexes is all located close by. Furthermore, they have a good rail network that connects to Melbourne city so if you ever do need to head to the city centre you can do so within a few minutes.

The Food Is Amazing

There are so many restaurants and cafes in this city. And as it is multicultural, you can enjoy food from various cuisines. From Mexican, Italian to Chinese and Indian, there are so many options to choose from. You can always go to a Croydon restaurant that specializes in International food so you can have a little bit of everything.

The Suburbs Are Amazing To Bring Up A Family

When you think of bringing up a family you want to do so in a place that is peaceful and provides a good outdoor area for your children to play in. A place which helps your child grow into an adult in a healthy manner. In suburbs unlike the city centre, neighbourhoods are more tight-knit and friendlier with one another which gives children more opportunities to interact with one another and develop good interpersonal skills.

There Are A Lot Of Parks And Outdoor Facilities

Croydon is home to gorgeous parks and lakes. There is a huge focus on nature and being green so you get the chance to live in a place that is well developed but still pays care to the environment and the world around us. As there are so many parks and trails, you do not have to hit the gym to be fit. You could go for a trail walk or a hike. If you own a pet, it’s a good opportunity to get fit while exercising your pet. For children, they can head to Croydon Park which has a swimming pool, playground and even some BBQ areas.

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