Benefits of Canine Muscle Massage

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Dogs are a part of family and just like humans, they also experience body pain, muscle tension, stiffness etc. Canine massage is something that can help with many of these issues and we will go into more detail in the article below.

You can select an animal chiropractor to carry out canine massage for your fur friend. One of the main benefits of canine massage is that it positively affects their physical health. If your dog is suffering from musculoskeletal issues such as stiffness of the joints and muscle strain, canine massage can be very helpful. This is because the chiropractor is able to target certain muscle groups and ensure there is increased blood circulation along with lymphatic drainage. This will reduce any inflammation they have along with muscle tension. This is great fi improving flexibility in dogs. Blood flow is stimulated by canine massage which will enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to organs and muscles. This will help in muscle recovery and improve the dog’s overall health. If your dog has had an injury or a surgery, canine massage can be helpful in the recovery process. Manipulating the muscles gently will prevent the formation of scar tissue and this will promote faster healing. This is great for senior dogs as well that are experiencing arthritis.

You can take them to regular massages to ensure their rehabilitation process goes smoothly.

Dogs also experience stress and anxiety. There are many causes for this such as past traumas, changes in their normal routine and environmental stresses. Canine massage is very calming for the dogs and this will help them to relax bringing their stress levels down. Massage will help release endorphins which can create a positive association with touch and this is especially helpful for rescue dogs that have been abused previously. This allows them to learn anew about how touch can be positive and help build trust. Canine massage can help dogs get rid of anxiety associated with vet visits. For example, some dogs will be very anxious when you take them to their grooming sessions. But by having them experience pleasant massage sessions, this anxiety can gradually decrease.

You can also learn how to massage your dog

Which can make it an activity to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. You will be able to have quality one-on-one time with your dog and build a deeper connection with them. Canine massage is also useful when it comes to socialisation of rescue dogs and puppies. Massage can also improve immune function in dogs. When gentle pressure is applied during the massage session, flow of lymphatic fluid is promoted. This will help their body in eliminating waste and toxins. This can help dogs recover quickly when they are ill. You can research animal chiropractors that provide this service. This is a drug-free alternative to ensure improvement of your dog’s health and stress reduction. You can also incorporate a massage into the wellness routine of your dog as a responsible pet owner.


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