How To Spot Counterfeit Spare Parts

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If you own a car of any sort, one thing that you would often look into even before purchasing the car is the availability of spare parts for the vehicle in the event of the components failing or getting damaged. In the modern day there are so many spare parts to choose from, which can vary in prices and quality, however, it is highly recommended that you purchase genuine products since it has a long-lasting effect on the vehicle. There are times though when you purchase the part, it may look like the genuine product with all the brand names and stickers on it, however, only when fitted to the vehicle you realise that it does not perform like a genuine spare part as it should. In other words, you have bought a counterfeit. Here are just some tips to consider in order to distinguish genuine products from counterfeits:

Dealership’s Credibility

The first thing that anyone should look into when purchasing good quality spare parts for the vehicle is by looking into the place you are going to buy them from. Looking into the reputation of the dealership along with the credentials it has is something that would give you confidence in finding the right spare part. Moreover, these dealerships often have so much confidence in their products that it is demanded online too. As a result, a site like certainly will cater to your needs with little hassle while providing quality spares right to your doorstep.


In any dealership that sells you genuine spare parts; one thing that is certain in any of the products is the guarantee that comes with it. More often than not, many genuine spare part manufacturers often have a reputation that they would like to keep in order to maintain and increase its clientele. As a result of this factor, many of these manufacturers provide at least a year’s worth guarantee on the product they are selling in order to make sure the clientele is confident in purchasing the product and in the case of an unexpected failure, they can easily exchange it for a new one, provided that it fits in the company’s guidelines.


Majority of the time, genuine products are quite pricy due to the rigorous quality controls that they put in place in order to provide you the best spare parts possible. This often results in quite a high cost of production, thus the justification of a higher price than alternatives.


One of the more minute things that distinguish the genuine from the fakes is the finish of the spare. There are spares that may look just like the original, however, upon closer inspection you might find out that the material is damaged or maybe a bracket is not properly in place, or maybe a screw hole is not aligned. All this are telling signs that the product may look like the genuine one but is certainly not since the quality is not up to par.

Armed with this knowledge, you now should be able to find the right spares without any form of shortcomings.

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