Reasons Why Should You Visit Sri Lanka

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Vacations are definitely the most anticipated experience of a person’s year. Where they can leave their work behind and go on a trip to someplace new and experience amazing cultures. Asia is becoming a very popular continent to vacation to, however many tourists tend to flock to the eastern countries, Japan, China, Korea, and so on. However South Asia is just as culturally rich and unique as the others. They are the lands of Spice and exotic experiences. Many vacationers who do visit South Asia tend to travel to India. However there is a little island nation to the south of India which is just as lovely and culturally rich as India is and maybe has a little more to offer too.  Yes, Sri Lanka is the place to visit.

The Wonderful Fusion of Cultures

While the country was predominantly Sinhalese for centuries and had a wonderful and rich culture. They did have influences coming in from trade with Arabic traders and then they did ultimately get colonised by European countries. Starting with the Portuguese, then the Dutch and then the British. The country became independent in 1948, but the influences still remain. From the Dutch fort in Galle to the British architecture in Kandy, the remnants of the colonization still remain. Furthermore, the country is home to many religions and ethnicities and they each have their own cultures which meet in wonderful ways. From the food to the clothing, the fusion of the multiple cultures is amazing to see.

The Rich Spices That Are Found in Abundance

One of the reasons why Sri Lanka was so important to trade even prior to colonization was because of the spices in the country. One of the most popular exports was cinnamon which grew abundantly in the soil of this country. The lovely and sweet spice was beloved by the traders and even now Sri Lankan Cinnamon is famous across the world. There are also other spices which are popular in Sri Lanka, from the essentially Chilli to Nutmeg, Cardamom, cloves and Star Anise, etc., the list can go on and on.

The Wonderful Tea

Nothing beats a cup of Ceylon Tea. Famous across the world and beloved by people across continents, Ceylon Tea is amazing. However just drinking a cup of tea is not enough. In Sri Lanka you can visit the wonderful Tea estates and see how the process of making tea from the leaves to the Tea bag you steep is done.  Moreover some factories even allow you to handpick a few leaves so you can get the experience. It truly is amazing. If you have booked one of the private tours of Sri Lanka to take you around the country then you can have them arrange a visit to a tea factory. If you are going solo you can contact one beforehand and book a visit.

The Amazing Beaches

Given that the island is small you can never be too far from the beach and what amazing beaches there are. From the lovely calm waters of the Casuarina Beach to the surfing waves of Arugam Bay, you are spoilt for choices. So, grab your swimsuit and go for a relaxing swim in one of the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka. The lovely blue waters will make you feel a sense of peace and tranquillity and forget all your worries.

So, visit Srilanka for an experience like no other.

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