Tips for Buying Auto Parts Online

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Purchasing a spare part for your vehicle can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the part you are planning on purchasing. Purchasing an OEM part or accessory, however, won’t be so much of a problem because you will have the specs of the part in your owner’s manual or service/repair manual, and if not, a call to your dealership or trusted mechanic will sort you out.  

It is when you choose to buy an aftermarket part or accessory for your vehicle that the problem arises. You want to make sure the specs are right before placing the order. Purchasing auto parts online whether it’s a simple part like a nut or something more complex like brake cylinders is convenient with multiple sellers online to choose from. Some also provide you with offline help and assistance which can help you with finding the correct fitment.

The first thing to consider when choosing to buy your auto part(s) online is putting some effort into doing the initial research. A good start would be to know the part number or specs and discuss the issue you are having with your mechanic or your dealership for clarity on what needs to be done before you start your online search. Put in the time to compare brands if you are looking for an aftermarket part and prices. You can choose to research the part directly on your auto manufacturer’s website before heading over to other sites. Your efforts will result in finding the correct part with the right fitment and the best price.

Always check the seller’s return policy and if there is a warranty period as you may need to return the part or exchange it for another should fitment prove to be a problem. After doing your research ask your mechanic or local repair shop about your choice and gather as much information as possible about what you have chosen to buy before hitting the checkout button. Pay attention to the fine print and ask questions if you need clarification. Although there are several online sellers to choose from, narrow your search to reputed or known online sellers. Read reviews and ask your mechanic and friends about the seller.

If you are new to purchasing spare parts and accessories for your vehicle you may not be clued in on the different types available. Knowing what is out there will help you make an informed decision.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are what the manufacturer of your vehicle installed. They are reliable because they are built by the same company that supplied the part to your vehicle manufacturer.

An aftermarket part however is manufactured by other companies to suit your vehicle. They are cheaper and widely available but you need to be careful about fitment. Then there are used parts which means they are second-hand, if you are buying second hand consider if you should be picking up a second-hand OEM.

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