Traits to Look for When Purchasing Angus Cattle

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If you are planning to invest in Angus cattle, there are certain qualities or traits that you can look for. These should align with your breeding objectives and the management strategy of your farm. There are many breeders that you can select from but in this article, we will be delving more into the subject of desirable traits.

Some of the primary traits

You can look for are their conformation and structural soundness. The animal should have a balanced body structure and muscled hindquarters. Check whether they have a straight back and if the legs are aligned properly and sturdy. There are many health issues that can arise as a result of structural issues so this can help improve the productivity of your farm in the long run. An important trait you can look for when searching for Angus heifers for sale is their reproductive efficiency. Some of these treats are age at first calving, ease of calving and their overall performance when it comes to reproduction. You can check whether the cow has a history of regular oestrous cycles and a good rate of conception. This will contribute to the sustainability of your breeding programme.

Angus cattle generally have a moderate frame size

Your evaluation of body size will depend on production goals. In certain farming systems, it can be economical to have smaller framed cattle while others will look for larger frames. You need to balance the body proportions with the performance you expect in the farming context. The weight and growth rates have to be considered as well. Their average daily gain can be evaluated for performance. This will give you an idea of their ability to convert the feed into muscle. There will be Angus cattle that have consistent growth patterns that are more favourable and it will contribute to your herd’s productivity. You also need to assess their muscle composition. The muscles along the shoulders, back and hindquarters have to be assessed to check whether they can yield quality beef cuts. This will have a big effect on the market value. The temperament is another trait to consider. Choosing a calm Angus cow with a docile temperament will make it easier on the handlers and increase safety as well. It is easier to manage cattle such as this and it can minimise the risk of injuries when handling them.

You need to contact the breeder to ask about the cow’s health history and disease resistance

Ask to see the vaccination records and how they have managed the health of the herd. By selecting animals with a strong immune system, you can make sure your herd thrives and will not need a lot of interventions. This can bring down your overall costs as well because you don’t need to spend excessively on veterinary costs. There are also maternal traits to consider such as milk production, udder conformation and mothering ability. You can analyse the genetic pedigree of the Angus cattle as well so that you can choose cows and bulls that suit a resilient breeding programme.

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