Where to Find the Right Beer for Pasta?

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If you’re like most people, you probably wouldn’t think to drink beer with your pasta; often, wine is the drink of choice for classic Italian dishes. Because of this, you may be shocked to learn that beer may really enhance the flavour of pasta and other Italian dishes. As a follow-up to the original enquiry, what beer works best with pasta?

The following is a guide to choosing the best beer to go with your pasta

It’s possible to enjoy a variety of Italian cuisine while sipping on a beer. To begin, light beer or pilsner will pair nicely with tomato-based or red sauce dishes. Wheat beer or even a Belgian-style white ale might be a good choice if your pasta has a creamy white sauce. An amber brew or perhaps stout would go well with a hearty beef pasta meal that has plenty of sauce and seasoning.

However, if you’re going to eat Italian food, steer clear of hoppy beers. Because these beers tend to have a lot of bitterness, the spaghetti may taste harsh as a result. If you’re wondering what beer works best with pasta, look for one that complements the dish’s authentic Italian flavours without overpowering them. Pastas, pizzas and other cuisines are full of information which you can read by visiting takeaway pasta Geelong.

Lighter beers are more versatile when it comes to combining them with a wide range of dishes. A decent rule of thumb is that the lighter the food or dish, the lighter the beer should be. The following are some notable exceptions to this rule: (covered later in this article).

The term “light” is used to describe what kinds of pasta dishes you can make with pasta.

When it comes to Italian staples, tortellini, and spaghetti with tomato sauce work excellent with lagers like Bira Moretti (Coors Light is also a great choice if you happen to find yourself overseas). You won’t have to worry about your pasta meal being overpowered by these brews.

A heartier pasta meal, such as lasagne, would be an excellent match for a beer. A full-bodied beer is the best choice for heavier meals like this one since it can withstand the strong flavours in the food. Australian Pale Ales such as 4 Pines Pacific Ale Mid Strength are good examples. If you’re still baffled by the question, what beer matches with pasta? Keep reading or switch to a different topic for a few more possibilities.

In the meanwhile, how about the original Peroni?

In most supermarkets and bottle stores, you’ll find Peroni, an Italian beer. Peroni is a safe pick when it comes to matching with pasta because it is a mild beer (in terms of what we generally consider as the range of beers available). You may want to consider something with a little more alcohol if your pasta dish also includes seafood or other high-quality fresh ingredients, such as salad greens or herbs, such as Castlemaine Gold or Crown Lager.

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